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Momentum Voice showcase their stunning vocal abilities in the Redbrick Studio Sessions


In January 2020, Momentum Voice launched a new video series named ‘Redbrick Studio Sessions’, highlighting the exceptional vocal talents of the CAPA College students. The series consists of solo performances from Momentum Voice whose beautiful vocals have received incredible feedback on social media with comments hailing the performances as ‘stunning’ and ‘amazing’! 


As a full-time Arts training and educational facility for students aged 16-19, the college is split in four pathways; Dance, Production Media, Drama and Musical Theatre. It is the Musical Theatre pathway primarily that provides rigorous and challenging vocal training from specialist teachers, allowing students to improve their solo performances, vocal techniques and acting through song whilst studying at CAPA College. Beyond this, all four pathways that CAPA College offer are given the opportunity to improve their vocal abilities through the option of one-to-one lessons, developing the incredible vocal talents throughout the college!


CAPA College’s in-house vocal performance company, Momentum Voice, provides its members with a unique platform to kickstart their professional singing careers. The Redbrick Studio Sessions showcase the improvement and confidence gained by students with their singing throughout their time studying at CAPA College whilst allowing them to build their singing portfolio.


Keep your eyes peeled as The Redbrick Studios will be soon releasing more video exclusives, exhibiting even more students’ incredible vocal talents and the variety of singing styles that they are capable of. 


Subscribe to the CAPA College YouTube channel to view the Redbrick Studio Sessions:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_jQYwUT-pW_guu9do3Kzxg 

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