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No Plan of Stopping Soon

Every time I write I am aware that this whole journey has no ending, and I have no plan of stopping soon therefore, I truly feel more inspired and motivated than ever before.  

(Isabel Hague)  


Anyone in the arts will contest that keeping a project going during the last year has been less than ideal, holding some moments of light but it has been a test of motivationContinuing to keep moving forwards in whatever way possible has helped with this project. That and the incredible generosity from this young castDespite them working on the piece during the lockdown periods and getting to work back into the studio last month, they will now not have the opportunity to tour externally due to rescheduling of the R&D tour to November 2021.  By Autumn our year 2 cast will no longer be at college and will have moved onto the next stage of training/education across the country.  


Telling them this news wasn’t something that I was looking forward to. well and truly expected them to feel let down and ready to step back, walk away from it and allow a cast of year 1 drama students to take on the parts that they have been so looking forward to playingTheir response to the news that they would be performing an in-house rehearsed reading but would not be out on tour, was of course that of disappointment but they were also understandingEach one of them was happy to continue to work on the project and collaborate with the new year 1 cast in the process; they were compassionate towards me as a director and their teacher having to give them this news and simply said, can we just play these parts onceThey canThey will.  


collective sense of responsibility towards the projecteach otheracross roles and generations has fuelled a new sense of motivationIsabel’s new work has served as a way in which we stayed connected to the arts, creativity, in a shared world of this play as it evolved throughout a pandemic that took away so much of the control of how this process would work. That connection was solidified in that moment I had to say that a new year 1 would need to take over the baton for Autumn 21I was dreading it anthey made so much easierSo, if year 2 cast read this…thank youYour resilience and dedication help to drive this on for even more young people, the year 1 cast taking on these roles and has fuelled the fire for 3 days R&D in a studio together this week.  


So, with no sign of us giving up or feeling defeated, we are heading into this next stage with 2 casts, our set designer and sound designer in the studio with us! We are ready to explore the possibilities contained in the world of this play that we are all part of creating.  


We can’t wait to share this journey with you as it picks up pace. It may have felt endless at times but we are still riding the wave.