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Creative Challenge 2020- Light Up Art Trail

The process of creating the original Have Mercy film provided light through the dark times of lockdown and was an outlet to creatively channel young people’s feeling and voices. The film is about finding support within friendships and relationships to encourage the brighter times that are ahead of us. It shows not only the journey from dark to light through its black and white visuals but through its locations, camera work and emotive response which really enhances its theme of unity and empowerment.


Students on our Production and Media course will now be working with Alex Bowen, Alice Higgins and the CAPA College in-house production team to develop the film into a projection mapped installation which will run on a 3-minute loop. The installation will encourage people to take a moment to look anew at familiar places and make new associations with spaces that may feel abandoned and unwelcome.


Alongside the film installation will be a link to the vocals heard in the original film which will be available via a QR placed in the bottom of each window. The projection installation will be directed to be able to be viewed separately so not dependent on the inclusion of sound.


During Covid-19 we have, through Momentum Arts and CAPA College, developed projects and sourced additional funding to be able to run these with local artists including; performers, film makers, playwrights, choreographers, sound designers, directors, composer etc. Projects were created such as the digital film festival which Have Mercy was originally produced for, to be able to not only support the freelance artists in the region but to also offer young people with the experience of working in recorded performance mediums when they would have been involved with live performances, including being part of a regional tour. With bookings for live performance continuing to be cancelled for many of the freelance artists we work with, we continue to look for opportunities such as this to provide additional work which enriches us all; the students, in-house team and the community around us.


This project has been funded by Wakefield Council.